Relief yourself from the headache of manually managing the customer data in excel or word document files, go to the next level by using MySpace365 CRM system that will help you manage all of your data in a centralized location that is accessible from anywhere.
Marketing and Sales are essential for any business, which will generate the needed revenue for any company to sustain and continue growing. The better you manage your Marketing and Sales efforts, the better revenue you will have. MySpace 365 will he;p you to manage your customer information in more efficient and accurate way. The sales person will be able to do (but not limited to):

  • Retrieve customer information and historical communication.
  • Review the contracts and agreement in efficient way.
  • Generate quotation and invoicing the customer as needed.
  • Follow up on due dates like delivery and payments.
  • Having reminded of the tasks that needs to be done based on priority.
  • Increase sales target reach rates.
  • Over-sees team member efforts.